Safety 1st Railnet Net Pet Child Guard Baby Stair Balcony Deck Gate Dog Mesh

Product Features

  • Model:YT-0213
  • Color:Brown
  • Weight:150gsm
  • Shade Rate:75%
  • Material:HDPE+UV
  • Packaging:strong PP bag with one color label

Product Description

  1. Including a net, 10 ties, and 15 rope. Pass the rope and tie through the specified mesh. Bundling is convenient and does not affect the overall appearance of the stairs, and effectively enhances protection.

  2. The material is thick polyester mesh material, safe and breathable, strong bearing capacity, not easy to tear and crack. Indoor and Outdoor models are weatherproof.

  3. Suitable for balconies, stairs and other places. Put the nets on the stairs or balconies and use ropes and straps to secure them. Soft, see-through mesh allows maximum visibility through the net.