Anti-Hail Netting Garden Netting Wind Protection 20'Wx20'L

Product Features

  • Model:BB-0112
  • Color:white
  • Weight:150gsm
  • Shade Rate:65%
  • Material:HDPE+UV
  • Packaging:strong PP bag with one color label

Product Description

  Anti-hail net has to be made using high quality materials and realized with the best technique in order to obtain a very light but resistant and durable sheet. Therefore, wire and used raw materials quality are very important, as well as the weaving technique.

  Our anti-hail net is made using monofilament with a special technique called frame weaving; meshes obtained with this type of processing is 2.8 x 8mm rectangular shape and cannot warp itself, that is to say that size is not altered when the net is subjected to the weight of hail stones.